T3 Reflection from Tina Powell of Intention.ly

A wise mentor once shared some professional advice during graduate school, which still resonates today: “Tina, build your networks before you need them.” Years (and many conferences) later, his advice remains true today. T3 is just the place for that. Women can expand their professional circles and reach out to grab the doors of opportunity.

At its core, T3, spearheaded by Joel Bruckenstein, is a tech hub of connection. Think family reunion. Industry leaders come to share ideas and challenges and explore possibilities. At the same time, some proudly step on the T3 stage with rapidly beating hearts and sweaty hands, set to unveil some of the industry’s hottest innovations in an influential room of who’s who.

The reason I attend T3? Participating in T3 is more than an opportunity; it’s a strategic move for women ready to take their place and boldly step into their future.

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