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Morningstar – February 2024

Discussions around artificial intelligence were front and center at this year’s T3 Technology Conference. Held in Las Vegas in January and celebrating 20 years, the conference was a spectacular gathering of advisors, vendors, and technology leaders offering insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the financial industry. AI was the star. So said Morningstar reporter Sheryl Rowling who attended #T32024 and offers up in this conference recap key takeaways.

Read the article: New Advisor Tech Is About AI now.

Kitces / Nerd’s Eye View – February 2024

In this guest post for, Craig Iskowitz of the Ezra Group discusses highlights from the 2024 T3 Conference held in Las Vegas January 22-25, 2024. The conference brought together advisors, leaders, vendors, and students from across the financial advice industry. Along with major announcements from top industry companies, insights on threats, conversations about AI, fintech innovations, and the future of financial advice, the results of the 2024 T3/Inside Information Software Survey were also presented. 

Read the article: Highlights from the 2024 T3 Advisor Conference.

Money Marketing – February 2024

UK FinTech expert and correspondent Ian McKenna attended the T3 conference in Las Vegas. His favorite session at #T32024, for the second year running, came from Brian Edelman of FCI Cyber, who reinforced the need for constant vigilance in this area. He says that while the need to do more cybersecurity work in the US is still apparent, US advisors are running ahead of the cousins across the pond. For 2025, he plans to organize a UK delegation to the T3 event in America and invites anyone interested to DM him.

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Wealth Briefing – February 2024

Even though artificial intelligence wasn’t the star of the 2024 T3 Technology conference in Las Vegas, the software sensation certainly drew a lot of attention. Describing AI as one of the pillars of the advisory firm of the future, T3 co-founder Joel Bruckenstein declared that artificial intelligence technology will “change the way we do business.”

Read the article by Charles Paikert: How T3 Experts See Artificial Intelligence.

Wealth Solutions Report – February 2024

The 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey revealed its list of leading wealthtech firms, based on a variety of metrics, ranging from market penetration to user satisfaction, across dozens of categories. This article provides a brief selection of some of the survey’s “Software All-Stars.”

Read Chris Latham’s round up article and the section entitled: 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey Reveals Tech All-Stars.

Investment News – February 2024

This much anticipated fintech report for financial advisor contains insights that will be beneficial for advisors looking to upgrade their tech stack, says Josh Welsh, a reporter for InvestmentNews. Joel Bruckenstein, from T3 – Technology Tools for Today, and Bob Veres of Inside Information, presented the findings from the 2024 T3/Inside Information Software Survey at the T3 conference in Las Vegas on January 22-25, 2024.

Read the article for big take-aways: T3 report highlights top tech for advisors.

Financial Planning – January 2024

At T3’s 2024 conference in Las Vegas, the conversations frequently turned to the role of technology in enhancing growth strategies. To drive sustainable growth, firms should integrate technology throughout the customer acquisition funnel, leveraging platforms that deliver valuable data and insights. This technology should support all paths to expanding business. Wilbur Swan, CEO of a fintech solution called Catchlight, provides additional insights in this contribution to Financial Planning.

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VettaFi Advisor Perspectives – January 2024

Industry sage Bob Veres talks about trends that financial advisors will want to watch in 2024. One is data warehouses. At his Insider’s Forum conference last fall, T3’s Joel Bruckenstein outlined a future where all client data and every firm’s internal financial data are stored in a centralized location, apart from the various programs that use the data. All planning, CRM and asset management software (and, of course, apps) would pull data from this repository as needed. The firm could create customized apps that would access the firm’s financial information and calculate metrics and management-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) on a monthly or even weekly basis. The T3 / Inside Information 2024 Software Survey identified seven different providers of data warehouse services. All are in their infancy, but they’re backed by firms you might have heard of.

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Think Advisor – January 2024

What debuted as “Virtual Office News” 20 years ago, in a small assembly of emerging software companies and a few dozen advisory firms, has now become the biggest gathering in the independent advisor technology marketplace. In his article, Timothy Welsh talks about the 20-year history of the T3 conferences, today’s technology and advisor growth.

Read the article: 20 Years In, T3 Remains an Emerging Tech Barometer. – January 2024

The Founders Arena is a grant-funded nonprofit based in Arlington, Texas, focused on providing early-stage wealthtech companies with resources, mentorship and opportunities for collaboration. Sora Finance was one of a half-dozen companies participating in their 10-week program. Pointing toward the success of The Founders Arena program, Sora Financial, was honored at #T32024 for its AI-powered liability planning software with one of this year’s T3 Emerging Technology Awards. “With all the movement in interest rates over the last year … this is an opportune time for advisors to reconsider spending more time on the liability side of the balance sheet,” said T3’s Joel Bruckenstein before presenting Sora Finance with its award.

Read the article: Founders Arena Will Be Back For Second Season Of Its WealthTech Accelerator.

Financial Planning – January 2024

“Many advisors decline to characterize themselves tax planners, acting almost as if the service was their “kryptonite,” said Ed Slott, president and founder of retirement planning outfit Ed Slott and Company, who was a keynote speaker at this year’s T3 conference. While the T3 conference is squarely focused on technology solutions and content for financial professionals, conference producer Joel Bruckenstein knew the audience would benefit from hearing how Slott suggests they deepen their education and experience so they could become “rockstar” advisors for their clients. 

Read Cat Auer’s article: 5 ways to be a tax planning ‘rockstar’.

City Wire – January 2024

Weeks after announcing his imminent resignation as the tech company’s CEO, Crager took the stage at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference to muse on the past and future of financial advice.

Crager announced he’d be stepping aside as Envestnet’s chief executive effective March 31, after which he will continue with the company as a senior advisor.

Read the article by Andrew Foerch: ‘I’ve loved every minute of it’: Bill Crager looks back ahead of Envestnet exit.

Advisor Hub – January 2024

This year’s T3 Technology conference proved that the financial services industry and wealthtech solutions are still experiencing significant positive momentum, and that there is still strong desire to streamline and fuel innovation. Joel Bruckenstein shared his thoughts on the conference in general and also touched on the T3 / Inside Information Software Survey in this video interview with Advisor Hub. Reporter Marc Saunders also provides his top three takeaways in written format.

Check out: Our Top 3 Takeaways From T3 Conference.

Financial Advisor – January 2024

Advisory firms are implementing artificial intelligence to help with client servicing–like using ChatGPT tools to create blog posts and send out emails. But the technology is still in its infancy in wealth management. While AI tools can even help pick out birthday gifts to send to clients, they have struggled to move beyond simple client communication. In this article by Sean Allocca, Joel Bruckenstein comments about large firms not using AI until more regulation is established.

Read the article: Financial Advisors Still Cautious About AI Tools.

City Wire – January 2024

Many RIA operators today view their technology stack as an enabler, a means of making their service delivery more efficient and therefore enhancing the client experience. Alison Dooher Head of Digital Advisor Solutions for Schwab, RFG Advisory president Shannon Spotswood, and Buckingham Strategic Wealth president Wendy Hartmann discussed during a panel presentation at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference in Las Vegas how tech will shape the future of wealth management.

Read Andrew Foerch’s article: Why RIAs should view tech as an enterprise value booster: T3 panel.

Financial Advisor – January 2024

While new financial planning and trading technologies are always top of mind for financial advisors, tools that help them tackle the complex tax needs of their clients are quickly gaining popularity. The jump in tax planning is by now a familiar story according to the 2023 Advisor Software Survey from T3 and Inside Information released January 23rd at the 2024 T3 conference in Las Vegas.

Read the article by Sean Allocca: Advisors Flock To Next-Gen Tax Planning Tech, T3 Survey Says.

Think Advisor – January 2024

The start of 2024 brings the annual Technology Tools for Today conference, led by producer Joel Bruckenstein, marking its 20th anniversary. The conference for financial advisors and other players in the independent wealth space provided a slew of technology innovations and updates. Janet Levaux runs down of some of the exciting announcements and news coming from the conference in the article below.

Read the article: Advisor Tech News of 2024: An Evolving List.

RIABiz – January 2024

Familiar faces dominate day one of the T3 Technology Tools for Today 20th Anniversary conference in Las Vegas. In this article, Brooke Southall discusses the awards that were presented, sessions, AI, and more.

Read the article: Familiar faces – Bill, Eric, Oleg and Joel – dominate Day One at T3 but Syntax Data and Sora Finance get their moment — and Oleg brandishes app marvel.

CityWire RIA – January 2024

Nearly 20% of Schwab-affiliated advisors said they plan to change or add custodians, according to the latest T3/Inside Information Software Survey, published by Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres. The results were announced at the 2024 T3 Technology Conference held in Las Vegas. The survey contained new data reflecting survey participants’ plans to change their custodian or add a new custodial relationship over the next 18 months.

Read the article by Andrew Foerch: Schwab RIA custody clients are weighing their options: T3 survey.

Financial Planning – January 2024

Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres took the stage at the 2024 Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference in Las Vegas to unveil the much-awaited results of their annual software survey. Based on responses from 2,917 members of the financial planning/investment advisory community, the survey covered more than 800 tools and services across 38 categories. The 78-page 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey compares data across the past three years and includes statistics on market penetration and user satisfaction ratings.

Read the article by Cat Auer: A ‘buyer’s guide’ for advisor tools and tech.

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