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T3 / Inside Information Tech Survey 2023 Open Now – September 2023

This is an invitation to participate in our annual Software Survey, where financial advisors rate the products/solutions they use in their office on a scale of 1-10.  If survey respondents don’t use a particular category of software, just skip over that category, which greatly shortens the time required to complete the survey.

Bob Veres and I hope that all financial advisors will take the time to participate. And, of course, we’ll make the ratings and rankings available in a comprehensive report early next year, when the final data has been collected.

Thank you sincerely for your participation.

Here’s the link where financial advisors can express their views on the components of their tech stack: Take the s 2023 Survey Here.

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Action! Magazine – August 2023

By understanding the unique experiences and contributions of women, firms can unlock a wealth of talent, perspectives and innovation – leading to stronger, more resilient teams and ultimately a more prosperous industry as a whole. In an interview with Action! magazine’s Suleman Din, Bridget Grimes, co-founder of Equita Financial Network, encourages organizations to not only attract female professionals but also provide resources and flexibility to help them stay in the field.

Read the article: What’s needed to retain women in wealth management.

Practfi – May 2023

Keeping up with the latest developments in advisor technology can be challenging, as the relationship between advisors and technology continues to evolve. Practifi had the opportunity to attend and participate in the T3 technology conference, which has become a leading event for financial industry professionals seeking to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in advisor technology. 

​Read Rosa Atkinson’s summary of the panel’s discussion in her article:  T3 Tech Talk Lightning Round: Hot Takes on Hot Topics.

AdvisorHub – March 2023

In this episode of The FA Show, AdvisorHub travels to Tampa for the 2023 T3 Technology Tools for Today Conference for the release of their annual advisor technology survey and to check in with industry leaders and influencers.

Watch: The FA Show EP 25 – T3 Conference Coverage.

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