T3 Reflection from Eric Clarke of Orion Advisor Solutions, Inc.

Every year, T3 is on my top priorities list. I give Joel Bruckenstein a massive amount of credit, because as an industry thought leader, he was the first one to ask us as a technology provider to not only make sure that what we were offering to advisors was great, but that we integrate our offering with others that were serving advisors. No one else had ever come to us and asked us to integrate our technology with other technologies in an advisor’s ecosystem. And Joel gets all the credit for that. It sounds so obvious today, but at the time that Joel introduced the idea to us at T3, it definitely was not. It was an outside of the box idea. 

Right now we’re at an interesting intersection of advice with artificial intelligence. Looking back a year or even 18 months ago, our understanding of what AI could do for us has drastically changed. And so I’m excited to go to T3 this year and have a front row seat to how the different technology companies are thinking about integrating AI into the advice space. 

I think one of the most impactful conversations happening right now in our space is how will firms not only enjoy the new technologies that we know are going to be coming from all over the place but how are we going to leverage them in their businesses to really take away the things that they are inefficient at right now – to spend more time with our clients, which is really where they want to be.  And there’s no better place to accomplish those objectives than at a T3 conference. That’s why it’s on my to-do list each and every year. 

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