T3 Reflection from Dani Fava of Envestnet

As the T3 Technology Conference celebrates its 20th anniversary, we have the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on and express gratitude for a platform that has not only been the heart of the WealthTech community but also a cradle of innovation, relationships and enduring memories.

Joel Bruckenstein, T3 has evolved into more than just a conference; it’s a vibrant ecosystem where ideas germinate, partnerships form, and the future of financial technology is shaped.

My personal journey with T3 is a narrative interwoven with pivotal career milestones and transformative encounters. It was within the energetic halls of T3 that the seed for the launch of TD Ameritrade’s iRebal rebalancing platform and where the idea for TD Ameritrade’s Model Market Center was planted and nurtured. The conference’s unique environment, buzzing with intellect and innovation, provided the perfect soil for these ideas to take root and flourish. 

Perhaps one of the most serendipitous moments at T3 for me was meeting Bill Crager. This encounter was not just a meeting of minds but a pivotal turn in my career path, leading me to my current role as Group Head of Product Innovation at Envestnet. It’s these unexpected connections, fostered in an environment that encourages open dialogue and collaboration, that underscore the true essence of T3.

T3 stands out as a beacon in the WealthTech landscape, not just for its technological advancements but for its unwavering commitment to bringing people together. It’s a place where intellect meets wit, where a casual conversation can evolve into a partnership that shapes the future of an industry. This conference has consistently demonstrated that while technology is our tool, it’s the human connections and collaborations that are our greatest strength.

In paying homage to T3, it’s impossible not to remember the brilliant minds that have left us, including the late Gavin Spitzer, whose contributions and spirit continue to inspire us. Gavin’s legacy is a testament to the profound impact individuals can make in our industry and our communities, reminding us that at the core of technology, it’s the people who matter most.

As we look back on two decades of innovation, inspiration, and community, it’s clear that T3 is more than just an event on our calendars. It’s a part of our professional DNA, a yearly pilgrimage where we learn, share, and grow. Here’s to T3, a true cornerstone of the WealthTech industry, and to many more years of continued success and innovation. Thank you, Joel Bruckenstein and every member of this remarkable community, for making T3 a landmark event that has profoundly shaped our industry, our careers, and the impact we can make.

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