VettaFi Advisor Perspectives – January 2024

Industry sage Bob Veres talks about trends that financial advisors will want to watch in 2024. One is data warehouses. At his Insider’s Forum conference last fall, T3’s Joel Bruckenstein outlined a future where all client data and every firm’s internal financial data are stored in a centralized location, apart from the various programs that use the data. All planning, CRM and asset management software (and, of course, apps) would pull data from this repository as needed. The firm could create customized apps that would access the firm’s financial information and calculate metrics and management-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) on a monthly or even weekly basis. The T3 / Inside Information 2024 Software Survey identified seven different providers of data warehouse services. All are in their infancy, but they’re backed by firms you might have heard of.

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