VettaFi Advisor Perspectives – December 2023

Kitces versus T3 Surveys: What My Comparison Reveals

Michael Kitces just published the results of his new software survey. Many of the results confirmed what Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres have been reporting for years. But there were some key differences.

Bruckenstein and Veres launched this year’s annual T3/Inside Information Software Survey for advisors and advisory firms,  inviting everybody in the planning community to lend their views. The questionnaire lists more than 300 different programs and solutions in 40 different categories, where participants can offer a single click that tells us not just what they use but their 1-10 rating of their user experience.

This year, Michael Kitces, of The Kitces Report, asked similar questions, albeit with a slightly different take on the categories, and the completed writeup was just released.

Read the article: Kitces versus T3 Surveys: What My Comparison Reveals.

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