Step into the Casino with Confidence, thanks to Ken Leibow and the K-Method

Ken Leibow is an accomplished insurance industry professional with 36+ years of experience. As Founder and CEO of InsurTech Express, he has driven the company’s success by leveraging his expertise in insurance technology for distribution and back office systems.

But he also has another superpower: Winning at roulette!

While Ken’s more traditional conference presentation will delve into the transformative world of digital agencies and their invaluable role in equipping life insurance agents with cutting-edge sales tools, a streamlined back-office sales system, and other digital platforms ranging from automated underwriting to lead generation and commission management, you’ll not want to miss catching up with Ken at his book signing table while at T3!

Even if you are not an experienced roulette player, you can still step into the casino with confidence if you know the K-Method, as taught by Ken Leibow.

Check the agenda when you arrive at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for T3’s big advisor technology conference happening January 22-25, 2024. And don’t miss Ken’s more traditional conference presentation on Charting Your Course: Navigating the Digital Sales Landscape in Life Insurance, in addition to picking up a book on the K-Method at his book signing table.

Don’t gamble your firm’s future on the wrong technology!

Learn how to make the right choices and play a winning hand at this year’s T3 event – a combination 20th anniversary celebration for T3 and an amazing FinTech conference for insurance professionals and financial advisors engaged in all business models. 

Save $200 off any advisor / advisory firm member registration with code T3Friend200. Bring one or more people from your office as you will definitely want to fan out, attend different sessions on different tracks, stroll the exhibit hall together, and compare notes as fresh ideas and innovative solutions couple up for you.

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