Head’s up: The “Beat Craig Iskowitz at Social Media” contest has begun!

Who will dethrone Craig Iskowitz (www.EzraGroup.com), the reigning king of T3’s social media contests in 2022 and 2023, in the 2024 T3 social media competition?

As in past years, the competition guidelines are simple: 

  1. Beginning January 1, 2024, use the current T3 conference hashtag and create more engagement online more than Craig Iskowitz does.
  2. This year the hashtag is #T32024.
  3. We only calculate Twitter/X and LinkedIn posts.
  4. The competition will zenith during January 22-25 (the onsite conference days in Las Vegas) but pre-conference activity is counted, too.
  5. The competition will end March 1, 2024.
  6. T3’s PR team, Impact Communications, will tabulate hashtag use to see if anyone beats Craig Iskowitz for volume of content and engagement on Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

We tabulate the winners about a month after T3 ends so that the post conference buzz can be assessed as well. Then we will announce first, second and third place on, what else, Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

All in the T3 Community are invited to participate. Newcomers are especially encouraged to jump in!

Pro Tip No. 1: Think creatively about how to bring value to the T3 Technology Tools for Today community. Witty but pertinent content + eye-catching / scroll-stopping material could give you a winning edge.

Pro Tip No. 2: Think “engagement” not just volume. Are people reacting to your posts with likes, reposts and sharing, comments? That matters, too. This is not just about promoting T3 and the wonderful conference happening in Las Vegas, but about building the T3 community.

Let’s get the party started! Happy 20th anniversary, T3!

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